Wild Khanh Hoa


This incredibly unique wild Vietnamese Oudh oil starts off with a radiant, rich woody high note that oozes finesse. It has a quality beyond 95% of other oudhs we have on our site, this is really a level above. Distilled in early 2020 this oudh will only improve and mature with time, so grab something special while we still have stock !

After a few minutes of wearing the scent it starts to open up with minty camphorous woody elements that hint to deeper complexities awaiting discovery. Delicate hints of the finest cinnamon and clove with growing rich tree resin vibes. This is likely one of the finest oudh oil you will ever experience and we feel privileged to be even able to offer you this, with such a beautiful harmony of sweet, bitter, spicy notes and even a subtle hint of ginger, plum and apricot while emitting the most rich fragrant woody oudh notes that will captivate you.

Please Note: Picture is of a 3ml glass bottle, oil will be decanted into a glass vial for smaller amounts

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