Wild Bhutan


It’s very rare to come across to Oudh Oil from Bhutan let alone wild, the trees used in this distillation are well over 50 years old, distilled in the traditional methods of distillation though copper pots and firewood in 2018.

The Aroma has quite unique with facets of Malaysian, Chinese and Hindi oudhs initially it opens up with dark woody aroma with hints of cocoa and fertile soils, but quickly transforms on the skin to a wild jungle, it has a pronounced leather qualities with green elements of leaves and branches as well as a contrasting fruitiness lurking beneath the dry leaves of the jungle floor. It has the the smokey wood and incense character of stereotypical Malaysian oud with a dash of clean and sparkling fruit often only found in Chinese oudh oils and then a element of earth and fermented wood known from traditional Hindi oudhs

A fascinating agarwood oil to help expand the olfactory awareness of wide range of our oils found around the world

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