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This exquisite and rare Oudh oil has origins of being ethically wild harvested from the aquilaria mallacenses tree and matured to bring the authentic distinct scent of the forests and deep earthy and sweet scented flora in which the trees grow.

A fresh and deep woody earthy scent that has the most crucial dry down to bring wave after wave of woody forests over and over again throughout the day it exudes superior class and finesse seldom experienced.
The scent of fruits exotic and unseen there scent heavy and thick in the air complimented by the deep wooded forests that through the rain that falls and drys giving off a most appeasing and superlative scent.

This oil is the true sealed nectar of what all perfumers are excited and rave about. This oil has no note that is displeasing to ones senses it is the elixir of all the senses and just one drop in enough to fragrantly please a spiritual journey though the true scent of Oudh

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