Dhuma II


With an essence of smoked wood and traditional Hindi notes this is great for blending as well as for experienced Hindi oudh users. This one is a very special blend of different parts of the tree’s infected wood shavings, with a minimum 4 day distillation time. Thus we have created the highest quality oil we could distil from this wild 60 year old tree.
Using the traditional Hindi oudh process of 30 days of fermentation and only 4 days of high heat and distillation in stainless steel pots., the result is a beautifully fermented, rich, smoky and chocolaty, multi layered Oudh oil. It has the traditional barnyard/straw notes found in pre-partition Assamese and Hindi Dehn al Oudh, but without any shakiness. It is a mature smelling Oudh oil with a distinct masculine edge to it.

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