Bangali Royal Oud


This oud is the only one type that gives us the opportunity to truly discover Agarwood Oil with its mysterious addictiveness, pheromone aspects and psychoactive effects. Oils from other regions often fail to provide such a deep and complete experience.
This unique and exclusive distillation was performed on old school, traditional stainless steel apparatus in Bangladesh near the border with Assam, India. Special distillation technics were applied in order to unveil the full spectrum of organically grown, matured raw Agarwood chips from up to 20 years old trees with 5 years infection. The temperature during the distillation was carefully monitored in order to achieve soothing and smooth aroma. Instead of focusing on high yield by using pressure and high temperature which often results in harsh aroma with sharp and unpleasant notes the emphasis was placed on quality and delicate notes.
As a cap of Bengal Royal opens one greeted with soft and powerful dark chocolate aroma with a mysterious, pheromone and amimalic touch. As oil touches skin the gentle softness and smooth character start to develop gradually. Notes of dark woods, deep jungle forest, fire and exotic spices all blended in the aroma of this pure agarwood oil. Psychoactive scent play with the senses tickling receptors in the brain. It relaxes, pleases and awakens a deep and wild feeling of joy and happiness. Only true Bengali/Hindi oud is able to satisfy the oud addicted senses… Bengali Royal is here for you to do that…

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