Cambodian royal blend Oud Blend


This is a blend exclusively designed and blended for Pure Sacra using some of the finest and most addictive ingredients in this world.

Authentic aged Cambodian oud perfectly blended with sweet Indian Rose, Vanilla fragrance, Indian Amber shamama in a pure cedarwood base.

Top notes: sweet Indian rose, vanilla 
Mid notes: Amber shamama, aged Cambodian Oud 
Base notes: Aged Cambodian oud, cedarwood.

Most of the oud based perfumes you see in the market are actually blended using synthetic oud oil which have very little in common with a genuine, pure agarwood oil. However, this truly royal blend made with nearly 30% of authentic  pure, aged Cambodian agarwood oil! This type of an ingredient is not just rare it is impossible to come by in a perfume produced in a large commercial scale

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